DeccanCall has a range of products such as PC2Phone, Device2Phone & IP Phone, Calling Card and value added products such as Mobile2Phone. Details of these products are outlined in the links below. Our products are customized to the requirments of each individual reseller. Our inhouse development team continuosly rolls out new products and features to add value to these products.


This service enables the resellers clients to use a softphone dialer which facilitates them to make calls from their PC using only a headset and an internet connection. Our PC to Phone Solution is a unique combination of the Dialer and the Reseller control panel.

What is "Dialer"?

It is a high performance dialer which enables you to have your own customer base spanning across the globe.

Why is it unique? It is:
  • Light weight and easy to download.
  • Fast and can be installed with minimum effort.
  • Works behind NATs, Firewalls and blocked ISPs.
  • Stable and offers crystal clear voice quality even on low bandwidth dialup internet.
What is the VSR?

PC2Phone pins can be generated in the VSR. This service can be used from anywhere in the globe without the need for any additional equipment at all.

System requirements:
  • Intel or AMD and Windows&trade 2000/XP/Vista/7 operating system.
  • Internet access with minimum data transmission of 64kps.
  • Headset with a microphone.



Device2Phone/IP Phone service enables user to place calls directly from a device without the need of a PC. Resellers can easily generate Device2Phone/IP Phone accounts and distributed to end users.

ATAs (Analog Telephone Adaptors) are devices into which household phones can be plugged and be used as IP Phones for VoIP calling. The device is plugged into the internet and configured to the DeccanCall servers.

IP Phone is a phone that can be plugged directly into the Internet and place VoIP calls. IP Phones can be configured to the DeccanCall servers.

What's unique with DeccanCall?
  • We support all H323/SIP IP Phones and Device2Phones (ATAs).
  • Service works behind NATs, Firewalls and blocked ISPs.
  • Easy to setup & configure.



DeccanCall now allows the resellers customers to make calls by simply dialing your Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) number from any landline or mobile. The call to the DID number will NOT be answered (and therefore customer will not be charged for that call); instead, the callback platform will disconnect the call and call the customer back. PIN CALLBACK.

The incoming call from the callback platform to the customer will prompt to enter a PIN and destination number and connect the call. The incoming call from the callback platform and the call to the destination number both will be charged against the PIN the user enters. ANI CALLBACK

The option of authenticating the user based on their CLI (Caller Lined Identification number) is also possible with ANI (Automated Number Identification) Callback. The advantage here is that your registered customers Caller IDs are recognized by the callback platform and does not require a PIN to be entered.

DeccanCall Callback is the ideal solution for VoIP regulated markets as this does not involve access to the internet, and therefore will not have hassles of overcoming VoIP blockages the local ISP (Internet Service Provider). Callback can be easily managed via the VSR - Reseller Control Panel, both PIN and ANI callback




  • VoIP services and quality is very good. Customer support is also excellent. - by Murtaza, SA.
  • VoIP services and Customer support are excellent. - by Abbas, Kuwait.

Little about us

DeccanCall mission is to extend inexpensive telephony through the latest technological advances to populations around the globe. DeccanCall serves hundreds distrubutors, call shop owners, entrepreneurs and soft switch owners by providing turnkey, plug and play VoIP business in a box.